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It's been a couple years since we last highlighted Reflexion Health's Vera product, Reflexion Health's Kinect PT Project Clears FDA & "BUILDing business with Kinect for Windows v2" so it was nice to see Digital Trends' Jenny McGrath write about it, and how it Reflexion is not only a going concern but a growing ont too!

The Kinect finds a second life helping rehab patients heal at home

Ever tried to figure out how to do an exercise from a piece of paper? Patients using Reflexion Health's Vera solution get real-time feedback to get it right.


“The notion of being able to do their physical therapy in their jammies with no one around, that feels like a wonderful thing,” Dr. Joe Smith, the company’s CEO, told Digital Trends. He describes himself as a “geeky engineer turned geeky doctor.” The Vera Solution uses the Kinect’s infrared and motion-capture technology, along with feedback from an avatar and clinicians. And it’s no game: The system is FDA-approved and certified as a Class II medical device.

Before surgery, patients receive the kit. It comes with a 4G SIM card, as some senior patients don’t have Wi-Fi. “We make a ton of measurements,” said Dr. Smith. “We’re estimating joint position and angle and limb velocity 30 times a second, so we can do a pretty good job of the level of disability that patients have pre-operatively.” Right now, Vera is mainly used for people who’ve had hip or knee replacements. Post-op, the doctor can prescribe exercises from a broad list of options.

If a patient completes 14 of the 15...

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