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Tango Chen is back and this time he's gone cross-platform. Yes, we're going to highlight a project for... the... iPhone. Gasp? Na, we're in a new and exciting world my friends.

This is a commercial app, $0.99, and there's no source, but still I thought it very interesting, different, cool and something to inspire you all... :)

Kinect v2 Viewer

An app that allows you to access Kinect v2 data on the phone. Click here to go to App store


  • Body View – Accessing the visual body view(A.K.A skeleton view).
  • Color View (Has latency) – Accessing the the color image data.
  • Depth View (Has latency) – Accessing the the depth image data.
  • infrared View (Has latency) – Accessing the the infrared image data.
  • Motion Test – Swiping your left/right hand to rotate a cube.
  • VR Test – Experiencing Virtual Reality with an iPhone headset.



Words from TangoChen:
This was my hobby project. You need to have a Kinect v2 that successfully run on Win 8 PC firstly.

I don’t think it quite useful for everyone. It depends on how you wanna use it.

It’s funny when I showed the app to my sister and she didn’t know the Kinect besides, she’s like, “Wow, the iPhone can check the motion of someone that holds the phone!”

If you wanna experience things ’bout Kinect v2 on iPhone. I think it worth a try.

What’s not so good is the latency and the screen of iPhone before 6/6 Plus is not big enough for the VR experience. (I haven’t tried iPhone 6/6 Plus and don’t know how the app would be on it though.)

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Download the PC Server: Kinect v2 Viewer PC

Simply unzip the file and run the exe file.

You need a wifi network that can be connects to the PC and iPhone at the same time. Then do as the video instruction.


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