Kinect to your Kamehameha


Another cool Kinect example from Tomoto Shimizu Washio, this time giving you your own superpower...

Be Kamehameha of DragonBallz Using Kinect

Tomoto Shimizu Washio, the guy who created the Ultra Seven Kinect hack has created the awesome Kamehameha hack. This gives you superpowers where you could shoot a light wave like famous Kamehameha of DragonBallz.He say the code will be available soon on this link . Check out the video…

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What's this?

This is a Kinect Hack that allows you to shoot an energy wave like Kamehameha for Dragon Ball.

This program may freeze or crash on your computer. It may be caused by a bug, your GPU's capability, your graphic driver, or any other possibilities. I cannot tell you exactly why it happens and how you can workaround it, but I will make any information available on this site as far as known. Please come back often and check the latest information. Your cooperation and patience would be much appreciated.

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What's new
  • (5/22/2011) Tested on Kinect SDK 1.5. Working fine.
  • (4/28/2011) Kinect SDK version that works without OpenNI is coming up!
  • (12/26/2011) Won Mado-no-mori Award 2011 Editor's Choice!!
  • 1/31/2011 V0.1a) First release!
  • Run this program on Windows PC with fairly fast CPU and fairly advanced GPU (with at least OpenGL 2.0 and programmable shader capabilities). WorkingConfigurations page lists the configurations this program is reported to work on. Please let me know of your configuration by a comment on the same page.
  • If you have any problems, please look at FAQ page for solution. If it does not solve the problem, feel free to report them at Issues, or just come back some time later to check if your issues are resolved. Because this program does not have much exposure to other configurations yet than I have, it will take some time to become stable.

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