KinectContrib v2 released for v1


Another Friend of the Gallery and Coding4Fun, Den Delimarsky, has updated his cool KinectContrib project to be Kinect for Windows SDK v1 compatible...

If you're writing Kinect apps, in C#, VB.Net or even F#, you should grab these Project templates...

KinectContrib 2.0 released - now supports Kinect for Windows SDK 1.0

KinectContrib is a project I started, trying to extend the capabilities of the default Kinect for Windows SDK. As I am working on more complex components, I decided that it would be easier to start with something a lot of developers will need - Visual Studio templates that provide the skeleton for basic Kinect application types.

I worked last night and today to finally make the project compatible with the new Kinect for Windows SDK, that recently hit version 1.0. There were many breaking changes that required me to refactor large chunks of code. At the end of the day, it is all working as it should. You can download the bits by following the links below.

The current template set includes projects for C#, VB .NET and F#.

Speaking of which, I had some interesting moments while building the F# part. With the new SDK, the image is no longer returned as a separate entity but rather as a byte array. This requires me to handle array resizing in C# and VB.NET - not that big of a problem for an experienced developer. But I haven't had a chance to work a lot with F#, so that's when I found out that Array.Resize might not be the perfect choice.


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