Today's binary only project provides another example of how you can mesh the Kinect into your mouse world...

Use your hand instead a mouse (with Kinect for Windows)

Within an university programming project we tried out several methods to control the mouse cursor with Kinect for Windows. One of the results is a small application, which lets you control the Windows mouse cursor with your hands. Generally the cursor moves like the Kinect cursor on Xbox, but in our opinion there are several disadvantages on the Xbox Kinect mouse control:

  1. On Xbox you need to hold the cursor for about a second over a tile if you want to click on it. This is an unnecessary delay. So we were looking for a clicking method, which is as fast as a click on a PC mouse.
  2. With the Xbox Kinect control you only have the opportunity to make a standard click. There is neither a possibility for a right click nor a possibility for a double click and also no possibilty for Drag & Drop. But you need all of these special mouse actions, when you are working with your PC.
How does our application work?
Cursor Moving

Just move your hand for controlling the cursor. The recognition of your hand is a bit insensitive when you are too close to the sensor. If the cursor is too much jumping, just go one or two steps back. When you start the application it takes a moment for the sensor to recognize your hand. Make sure that Kinect can see your face as well as your chest and both of your hands. Sometimes the inital recognition is better when you are waving.

Left Click ...
Double Click ...
Right Click ...
Drag & Drop ...

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