Kinect.ReactiveV2 for the Kinect for Windows v2


This week is going to be a v2 theme week, with Friend of the Gallery, Marcus Kohnert kicking it off, showing off his Rx skills with the Kinect.

Other times he's been featured;

Kinect.ReactiveV2 – Rx-ing the Kinect for Windows SDK

A few weeks ago I was finally able to get my hands on to the new Kinect for Windows V2 SDK. There are a few API changes compared to V1. So I started to port Kinect.Reactive to the new Kinect for Windows Dev Preview SDK and Kinect.ReactiveV2 was born.

Kinect.ReactiveV2 is, as it’s older brother, a project that contains a bunch of extension methods that should ease the development with the Kinect for Windows SDK. The project uses the ReactiveExtensions (an open source framework built by Microsoft) to transform the various Kinect reader events into IObservable<T> sequences. This transformation enables you to use Linq style query operators on those events.

Here is an example of how to use the BodyIndexFrame data as an observable sequence.


You’ll also get an extension method called SceneChanges() on every KinectSensor instance which notifies all it’s subscribers whenever a person entered or left a scene.



Please be aware that “This is preliminary software and/or hardware and APIs are preliminary and subject to change”.

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