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"Kinected Browser: Depth Camera Interaction for the Web" (Say hello to NUIScript.js)

Kinect for the web, from Microsoft Research, now that's something fun to play with...

Kinected Browser: Depth Camera Interaction for the Web

Interest in and development of gesture interfaces has recently exploded, fueled in part by the release of Microsoft Corporation's Kinect, a low-cost, consumer-packaged depth camera with integrated skeleton tracking. Depth-camera-based gestures can facilitate interaction with the Web on keyboard-and-mouse-free and/or multi-user technologies, such as large display walls or TV sets. We present a toolkit for bringing such gesture affordances into modern Web browsers using existing Web programming methods. Our framework is designed to enable Web programmers to incrementally add this capability with minimum effort by leveraging Web standard DOM structures and event models. We describe our framework's design and architecture, and illustrate its usability and versatility.

Kinected Browser provides an easy way for researchers and developers to harness the Kinect API through Internet Explorer. Skeleton tracking and depth data are translated into DOM events and JavaScript structures for ease of programming.

Project Information URL: http://research.microsoft.com/apps/pubs/default.aspx?id=172689 & http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/kinectedbrowser/

Project Download URL: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/kinectedbrowser/



Kinected Browser Release Notes

Download the latest release notes here:

Release notes version rev B - PDF or XPS format



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  • Hi all,

    I believe this project has lots of potential. I love web, and the ability of bringing kinect on the  web simply will move forward the way of communication that we experience right now.

    However, I just downloaded the complete project and I got stuck when I tried to use the examples. On both examples the app crashes in NUIScript.js, line 724: kinectProxy.Initialize(options); . Looks like "initialize" is unknown method or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

    Can you guys please take a look at this?

    Thank you.

    Ilija Misov

  • KaiKai

    Same problem here...


  • KaiKai

    Finally i could solve the problem for me. Regarding to the release notes the jquery file should load from the local host. therefore i downloaded the jquery file and changed the absolute http path in the html documents. now it works, slowly but it works!

  • Greg Duncangduncan411 It's amazing what a professional photographer can do...

    @Kai: Thanks for posting back the solution you found... Smiley

  • @Kai: Thanks for the solution

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