Kinecting, RC Car Style

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This very cool project by Devin Howard, which is also be appearing on the C4F blog on Friday, came to us via our plea for help, Help! Let us know about your Windows and Kinect for Windows SDK Projects... (Yes, it actually worked! We're getting a number of great suggestions now, please keep them coming!).

Check out the video below and you'll see why I think it's so cool. Also make sure you click through and check out the ProjectReport.PDF. That's a great 66 page document all about this project (I know, imagine that?)

Kinect/RC Car

Kinect/RC Car This is the code for my Master Project. It allows you to control a remote control car with the Microsoft Kinect. The program was written in C# using VS2010 Ultimate. You should be able to use any other version of VS2010, only the Modeling project probably won't load. I haven't tried loading this in Visual C# Express, but I don't see why it won't work. In order to use the software, you need to have a remote control car that the program is able to interface to. To do this you must use a hardware solution that interfaces between the remote control car's transmitter and the computer. You must then create a plugin DLL the Kinect/RC Car program then uses to communicate with your hardware solution. You can look at my solution in the KinectRC.CarControllerService project which communicates with an mbed microcontroller prototype board which in turn controls an MCP4261.


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