Kinect'ing to Angry Birds Space


Today's inspirational project provides another example of how the Kinect and Kinect for Windows SDK drives people to push its, and their, boundaries. BTW,n while you're there make sure you check out his other very cool Kinect projects.

Kinect Angry Birds Space


Now let me introduce my simple way to detect whether you’re gesturing like Gesture 1 or Gesture 2.

1st Step:
Limit the depth data you get. In my case, it’s between 950 to 1120. The red parts are what we get now.

2nd Step:
Limit the area you get so it only gets the area of your two hands.

3rd Step:
Only get the top side of the depth data we get. The red line is what we get now.

How to do this: I add the X coordinate of the depth data to a listbox if there’s no this such X coordinate in the listbox. And next time if you find that the listbox contains the X coordinate you don’t have to record it again, pass it.


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