Kinecting to Education with Kinect 2nd Screen

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    This is cool and its true, when you do something you do learn easier than reading about it.  With AR and VR around the corner though this will be made even easier (also when headsets become cheaper).  I think AR and/or VR are going to be the next big thing in teaching because students will be able to actually see and do the things they are learning instead of just reading and taking tests.  Also with AR you'll be able to learn as you go, for instance fixing something on your car you'll be able see the part that needs to be fixed and how to fix it step by step.  I can see VR being more like in the book "Ready Player One" where students will go to virtual class but actually be home.  Virtual meetings will be easier among other things.  This will take a long time to happen, but I can see it.

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