Kinecting to PowerPoint

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Our final Presentation theme week project is fitting... It shows off another example of PowerPoint being controlled with the Kinect! (Here's our previous mention of a like project, NUI for PowerPoint)

[Original is in Spanish, below has been translated with Bing]

Control PowerPoint through gestures with Kinect

Are you tired of the typical PowerPoint presentations? We will see a way to make your presentations more attractive, more colorful and attractive with what captarás a greater interest in your attendees.

From SolidQ we thought the idea of improving the presentations, and how we could improve them? Because using Kinect and gestures to control your PowerPoint presentations!

Do first of all, how Kinect? Let's see some basic concepts on the operation of Kinect.

It is a device that combines a RGB camera (2), depth (1 and 3) sensor and an array of microphones at the bottom. The camera RGB is for the recognition of the three basic colors and is what gives us images, lRGB camera has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels which not yet allows it to detect fingers, but we hope that in future versions of increase this resolution and we have many more possibilities. El depth sensor that allows to see a room in 3D, emits infrared rays which marks deep lines, this allows to calculate the time it takes to bounce the light beam and return to the device to calculate the distance to the identified object. The array of microphones detects voices and isolated them from ambient noise, the array is synchronized with the console to remove the sound of the games.


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