Kinect'ing to a Rocket Launcher? Oh yeah...


I'm not sure what's funnier, this project itself or the fact that I happened to have a like rocket launcher laying around myself...

In any case, this is an awesome series that walks you through a number of things, pieces and parts and puts the Kinect to some great use (I mean, who doesn't need a NUI Rocket Launcher? )

[#KINECTSDK] Kinect Missile Launcher (V): Video and source code

First we go with the links of the series

  1. Identifying the Missile Launcher
  2. Moving the Rocket missile launcher
  3. Another way to find out the values to work in C# with the rocket launcher
  4. Using the Rocket Launcher with Kinect
  5. Video and Source code

And now a video of 30 seconds where I show you a small example of the application running

Project Information URL:

Project Source URL:!4275&id=BEF06DFFDB192125%214275




Just a couple notes on getting the code to run.

I had to fix up a couple references (NUnit (nunit.framework) and Coding4Fun Kinect Toolkit for WPF (Coding4Fun.Kinect.Wpf) both from NuGet and the Microsoft.Samples.Kinect.WpfViewers from C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Kinect\v1.0\Samples\bin\Microsoft.Samples.Kinect.WpfViewers.dll

Then since I didn't have the same rocket launcher I has to use the information from Identifying the Missile Launcher to get the right USB Device ID's


And edit the initrocket method;


Once that was done it pretty much seemed to work (though I think there were some other device specific stuff I still need to do).

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