Kinecting to the Multi-Point SDK

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Today's project is one that I've been watching for a while and is a work in progress. It's goal is interesting and one that I don't think I've seen before, a meshing of the Kinect and the MultiPoint SDK

Kinect Multi-point SDK project

Project Description
This project entails making the kinect sdk work with the multi-point mouse sdk and mouse mischief and other multimouse applicartions (its really a multimouse implementation of kinect mouse). Allowing the use of a kinect as multiple mice. (4 - 6 people per kinect * number of people in classroom).

This project is for an educational classroom/non-profit and full source disclosure setting until status changed on dsf runtime being redistributable for commercial usage (includes contracting scenarios not related to educational usage or testing of programming for a future device driver). This is Microsoft's terms on the license for dsf so if you wish to know more please ask them permission. The kinect portion can be used for commerical purposes but the vbscript code is limited to non-commerical usage only.

The kinect needs to be used for more then just gaming right? Well i have started a project that allows people to use the multi-point sdk with the kinect sdk and mouse mischief. Please read the kinect nui api or kinect general forums for updates on code changes until this site is fully setup.

This project is designed for the microsoft kinect for sdk v1,multi-point sdk, and mouse mischief powerpoint for windows. Please download them before proceeding to help with the project as you would need them to see if the code is working. This project will also work with smart notebook in the future as I work on it.

Current problems to get this into a working setup program exe to distribute are (updated on 6/2/2013):
1. Identifying users with current code(updated to final stages).

2. Get working with multipoint (should do this even if i dont code directly into multipoint as long as Kinect multipoint program from this project is running in the background).

3. Convert to the vbscript that does the device emulation since I have it working now.


Currently converting to the dsf emulation script in vbscript. I have it mostly working except the mouse devices are not recognized correctly right now. I think I might have not done the hexadecimal values correctly but it may be a simple change in one of the subs that is wrong. If you find the solution before me upload it or post in the discussions area.


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The Discussion

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    Thanks greg. Iam almost finished with the emulator section. The multiple users part requires some work though. I am trying to work out the emulator code with the c++ guys and wdk guys. The c++ emulator code works twice as fast as the version.

    It can emulate any generic hid device: mouse, joystick, and any device that has drivers built into windows. So not just mouse or multipoint but much more devices.

    If anyone wants to help download the c++ emulator in the downloads section and try to find out why queueinputreport is not accepting my code. I will update some more code here soon still working out the bugs.

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