Kinectize your application with the Kinect Control for WPF


Today's project is one that's nicely polished and shows off a good bit of the Kinect's skeleton tracking capabilities as well as the motor control, video and depth features.

Kinect Control for WPF

Yesterday, Esri’s Applications Prototype Lab released a sample for ArcGlobe that allows users to navigate in three dimensions using a Kinect sensor and simple hand gestures.

This post describes a sample utility library developed in conjunction with the ArcGlobe add-in called KinectControl. KinectControl is a WPF user control that can display raw kinect feeds but most importantly provide developers with the orientation, inclination and extension of both arms relative to the sensor. KinectControl was developed a generic library that can used to kinectize any application.

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    I am trying to download your example and could not, getting an error... (the file could not be downlaoded). Could you please email it to me, if are kind?

    Thank you,

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    Mr Richie

    Hi Adrian,

    I just tested the links on a couple of machines and it seems ok. Try again with the original link or this link.


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    i am Hasnat Ahmad student of software engineering,Starting my final year project and going to create an application by using kinect. if you help me for this it would be a pleasure for me. kindly reply as soon as possible after your confirmation email i will send you all the information(design) about my application. Thankx


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