Kinect's power of gesture and speech as an education tool

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    vincent john vincent

    I'm really glad to see this. Francis Macdougall and I invented video gesture control technology from 1986 onward, and we invented the 3d gesture control that is in the Kinect in 2000. With our company GestureTek we have invented, pioneered, patented, evangelized and licensed this technology to the tech world in a myrid of ways over the years. But it was always intended to get people active and more embodied in the learning process. We created hundreds of immersive gestural educational applications but it was mostly for science centers. We did produce the technology behind Hasbro's ION immersive educational gaming system toy that came out in 2008, with learning lessons with characters from Nicholodean cartoons that did quite well. I am glad to see it being used for general education....Vincent john Vincent

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    This is great! I am sorry but I am very new to this. How would I use this program with my Xbox in the classroom?

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    @toph: This actually uses a Kinect (a "retail Kinect," one that is bought standalone and not bundled with a 360... those done have the extra power cord that's needed when using it with a PC) with a Windows PC... For more details, please check out,  

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    @toph:if you have a look on my blog i've made some how too videos to show you how to make a simple app and i've also put a lot of source for examples of applications. Theres a blog post or two in there which show you what you need as well. 

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