Learning English, the Kinect way


Today's project is from the author of the Kinect web site template that we mentioned in this post, Got an Kinect App? Need a web site? Here's a template for you... 

Human Body

This application helps children learn English. It uses Drag and Drop algorithm for Kinect. The aim of this app is to select word, drag it and drop on the correct place. Powered by natural user interface.


Learning English with this app is not boring, children are able to drag some word from the bottom of the screen, drag it and drop on the correct place. They are not sitting as traditional but the are moving in front of the device.

This is simple example of innovations in learning. Games could interested children and helps them growing knowledge.


  • Kinect Drag and Drop
  • NUI
  • Flying Text
  • Multidimensional

Project Information URL: http://tomek.kownet.info/projects/humanbody.html

Project Download URL: http://sdrv.ms/Ji2vEZ


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