Looking at the Kinect for Windows v2


This week it's all Kinect for Windows v2. The first two posts will be introductions to the device and the last, some Kinecting to C++...

First Vangos Pterneas provides a nice quick overview...

Kinect for Windows version 2: overview

Well, I have been lucky enough since Microsoft selected me for early access to the new Kinect for Windows version 2 sensor. Today, I want to share some facts and figures regarding the new device.

The hardware

The new sensor features a radically different hardware design. First thing to notice is that the tilt motor is now gone. However, the new cameras provide a wider field of view and feature frames of higher resolution. Above, you can see my Developer Preview unit, unboxed. Below, you can watch a quick video I made, demonstrating the new color, depth, infrared and body streams.


The software...
Better camera streams...
More joints

Yeah, the new sensor tracks up to 25 body joints, along with their corresponding orientations...

Hand tracking

That’s right! Except from joint tracking, the new sensor lets us determine the state of the users’ hands. The state is just an enumeration with values of “Open”, “Closed”, “Lasso”, “Unknown” and “NotTracked”. ...

Facial expressions

Kinect for Windows version 1 could track 40 points of the human face. Kinect for Windows version 2 goes one step further and can even recognize some very basic facial expressions, activities and accessories! Here are supported facial data:

  • Eyes closed
  • Eyes looking away
  • Mouth open
  • Mouth moved
  • Glasses accessory
  • Happy expression
  • Neutral expression




Let me clarify that I am not paid by Microsoft, though Kinect for Windows version 2 is my gadget of choice for 2014. Everything has been dramatically improved and new features will be popping all the time. Now, the only limit of software is your imagination.

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