MAGECA, market place gesture controlled apps, games and more


Looking for a new source of paid and free Kinect for Windows Apps? There's a market place just for you...


MAGECA is a market place for gesture controlled apps, games and more!

Our vision is to embrace the revolutionary change that has started and has to do with the way people interact with all the kinds of clever machines ( pc , smartphone, tablet, tv etc ) in order to make it simple and natural... to make it more human.
We want to deliver useful tools that will help both the developers and the users to invent a better future.

MAGECA offers the ability to users to review and rate applications that they have freely downloaded or purchased. This way we aim to focus on and promote applications of high quality and standards to our community.

On the other hand, MAGECA offers the ability to developers to upload and sell their applications. Developers can decide whether their application is free, paid or even open source, helping this way new developers to begin experimenting with gestural APIs.




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