Mars Rover Landing on your XBox 360, with the Kinect

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    Thanks for getting us excited about another awesome kinect game that we will never see on the PC. ><

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    One of the problems with NASA is that they are focused on PR stunts like this instead of actual space science. But to their disciples, any criticism of this component of the military/industrial complex is sacrilege.
    Wake up! Mars has a gravity that is less than 40% of what people feel on Earth. Mars has an atmosphere,but it has less than one percent of Earth's atmosphere pressure and is comprised mostly of carbon dioxide.
    That means that for all practical purposes, Mars has NO atmosphere. This is because it has very little gravity compared to a planet like the Earth. Mars is a lot more like the Moon than the Earth.
    How would any parachute help at all in such a thin "atmosphere?" You might as well try to land on the moon or an asteroid using a parachute. Is there no inane NASA fantasy that its dupes won't believe?
    NASA = decades of psyop.
    Google: MarsFaker: Phoenix Rising. PART 2

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