Microsoft Robotics samples and new Kinect for Windows SDK versions

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Today's information from Bruno Capuano provides a nice "how to" to get the Microsoft Robotics samples that use the Kinect for Windows SDK to compile with the latest version of the SDK...

[#KINECT] HowTo: Compile Microsoft #Robotics samples for #KinectSdk 1.6


at the event on Tuesday on Kinect, Robotics and other things it was me pending to show some examples of Robotics with Kinect.

The current version of Microsoft Robotics has a series of examples that use the Kinect SDK 1.0, the problem is that when you have installed the current version of Kinect SDK , because you have a problem when compiling the examples. Within the path [C:\Users\ < user > \Microsoft Robotics Dev Studio 4\samples] there is a BAT file that compiles all projects [BuildAllSamples.cmd].

To avoid the error and update the examples, we can go down a class from CodePlex which we updated to the latest version. Download it from and only have to change the [Kinect.cs] class that is in [C:\Users\ < user > \Microsoft Robotics Dev Studio 4\samples\Sensors\Kinect\Kinect]

We can now launch the bat of compilation and have the available examples.


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