Mix in a little Rx, JQuery, Azure, ASP.Net, Kinect...

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Today's project by Marcus Kohnert has a great title, as it's seriously a mix of technologies all together in a...

Framework soup

Over the last months I’ve spent quite some time checking out the Kinect for Windows SDK and it’s really fun to work with this awesome little piece of hard and software.

While playing around with the Kinect for Windows SDK it soon became obvious that I’ll need some sort of framework that handles all the tough event handling stuff for me. That's were the ReactiveExtensions framework came into play. Since I’ve first read about it I wanted to use it somewhere but didn’t get the chance so far. Now that the Kinect came around the corner with its event driven API Rx fitted perfectly to my requirements.

Another framework that impressed me a lot is SignalR, an abstraction layer for persistent connections over http.

So how do they all come together? In an application I called ‘KickerNotifier‘!
We have a ‘Kicker’ (that's german, in english foosball/tabletop football/tabletop soccer) to play with in the cellar of our office.

Problem is that the table stands in the cellar and you never know whether it is busy.

So the idea is the following: Set up a Kinect that is able to track the number of people in the room and push the amount to a website so that all the colleagues are able to see how many people are playing.

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