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    "We say Mixed Reality, as unlike traditional VR products and solutions, there are no external devices or sensors required to make these solutions work"

    Since the label "Mixed Reality" pre-dates your efforts in this area by quite some time, and has no relation whatsoever with sensor configurations, let me amend your statement for you:

    "We say Mixed Reality, as we need a different marketing label to help our franchised product line stand out from the established, and technically superior, Virtual Reality solutions currently on the market"

    And why not add this for clarity:

    "Contrary to the implications of the Mixed Reality label, our devices are incapable of actually mixing reality with digital content, or vice versa. If they were, we'd have called them Augmented Reality."

    You're welcome. Feel free to contact me should your head of marketing role suddenly become vacant.

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    I think it's Windows 10 Fall Creators Update instead of Windows 20 Fall Creators Update on first paragraph ?

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    @mchraiet: Yeah, my bad... Fixed. Thanks for the heads-up.

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    With all due respect, I've seen everything related to mixed reality tied to Unity... could we have a "beginners guide" for those that don't/can't use Unity?

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    Great Post!
    Really help for those who is beginner. MR makes incredible impact to the software industries.

    Thanks for sharing!!

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