More Tips and Tricks for the Kinect to Windows SDK

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Today we're bringing Abhijit Jana back with a round-up of all his recent Windows for Windows that he's been doing on Daily .NET tips.

Many of our past posts from Abhijit;

14 Tips and Tricks on Kinect for Windows SDK

Here is the list of 14 cool Kinect for Windows SDK Tips and Tricks that you found very useful. Couple of months back I published a post to share the list of Kinect for Windows SDK tips and tricks that I was writing at Daily .NET tips. In the past few days; I have also shared another set of tips that are mainly related with the Kinect Speech Recognition.

Here is the updated list:

  1. Accepting Kinect Speech Commands after a specific level of confidence
  2. Get the list of recognized words from Kinect speech commands
  3. Using Wildcard with Grammar Builder – Kinect Speech Recognition
  4. Dynamically Loading/Unloading Grammar – Kinect Speech Recognition Engine
  5. Applying RGB color filtering in Kinect color stream Data
  6. How to control the frame interval of Kinect color data stream?
  7. How to adjust Kinect sensor automatically based on user positions ?
  8. Identify Kinect device index from device instance id
  9. How to check if Kinect data streams are already enabled ?
  10. Do we really need to install Kinect for Windows SDK in the production / end user systems ?
  11. Using Kinect Instance Id to Initialize the Kinect Sensor
  12. How to get list of all Connected Kinect Sensor ?
  13. How to turning off the Kinect IR light forcefully ?
  14. How to check if any Kinect device is connected with system ?

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