Mousing around with the Universal Gesture Mouse for the Kinect


Today's project answers a need that I've seen often asked, how can you use the Kinect for Windows as a mouse? And while this is a commercial product, there's a free evaluation version that's a quick register and download away...

Universal Gesture Mouse

What is the Universal Gesture Mouse?

Alces' Universal Gesture Mouse is a new way to control your Windows 7 PC using the Kinect for Windows sensor. Its a lightweight application that complements the traditional mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen to control your cursor with intuitive and easy-to-use hand gestures. The Universal Gesture Mouse will work with nearly any Windows 7 program to create a fun and engaging experience in a wide variety of applications.

How does it work?

The Universal Gesture Mouse is built atop the Kinect for Windows platform. The Universal Gesture Mouse takes advantage of the Kinect camera technology to track the users body position, specifically the hands. A virtual trackpad is created in front of the user which maps the position of their hand in space to the position of cursor on the display. The Universal Gesture Mouse can issue left-click, click and hold, and click and drag commands via several different click modes.

What do I need to run it?

All you need to get started is a Windows 7 PC, a Kinect for Windows sensor, and the free evaluation version of the Universal Gesture Mouse software.

Who could use this?

We've designed the Universal Gesture Mouse as a tool for everyone that would like to explore new gesture and natural user interfaces. The free Evaluation Edition gives you the functionality of a gesture interface but without the need to create a custom controller, this way you can use your own content and test your own ideas faster. The Universal Gesture Mouse provides a great starting point for designers looking to spice up their user experiences, for businesses or organizations that would like to differentiate themselves or their products, or for software developers that would like to jump start their own unique applications.

The Universal Gesture Mouse can be setup and customized for a wide range of applications.

How much does it cost?

The Evaluation Edition is free to try for non-commercial use. For commercial-use please contact Alces Technology, Inc. for licensing options and other opportunities.


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