Multiple Kinect devices and the Kinect SDK? Yes, you can (and here's how)...


I've seen the question, "Can I or How can I use multiple Kinect Devices on the same computer?" a number of times but never answered in the depth or completeness that the below post(s) provide.

If you're thinking or wondering about using multiple Kinect's, this looks like the must read reference post...

Development With Kinect .NET SDK (Part V) – Developing Application using Multiple Kinect Devices

This is the fifth post in the series of Development With Kinect .NET SDK. In this post I am going to discuss about interacting with multiple Kinect devices with in a single system using Kinect .NET SDK. Before going forward, I will strongly recommend you to read my previous post where I have discussed about Connecting Multiple Kinect Devices with System which will help you setup your system with multiple devices.

Once both devices configured and setup properly, you can run the below code snippet to check if Kinect SDK detects both of the devices.


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