NUI Racing - Using Kinect (and C++) to drive TrackMania


Today's project does a couple things.

First, it's another C++ example. Secondly, it shows off using SendInput (.e. a lower level SendKeys) which I've seen a few posts on the Kinect Forums asking for. Thirdly, it's just kind of cool... Smiley

Trackmania + Kinect

I love playing racing games.

I developed a program which you can use as game controller.

This program gets the coordinates of your l/r hand and l/r feet. It calculates by your hands a steering wheel and your feet the speed. If your right foot is at the ground you will give maximum of speed. When you lift it for some centimeters it will reduce speed or moving backwards.

After calculating the program send keys with SendInput() to the game and release them after a short time. This time will be calculated by using speed and direction. Maximum of time is 33ms (Because kinect has 30fps (1000ms / 30fps = 33ms per frame)).

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