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    I have error when compile code.
    C:\Users\Abai\Downloads\KinectPowerPointControl.src\KinectPowerPointControl.src\KinectPowerPointControl\App.xaml : error MC3000: an invalid code XML "There is no root element.".
    Everytime I have this error. In Microsoft Visual 2010

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    @Dulat:  I just double checked and I'm able to compile it fine (SDK v1, VS2010, etc). Double check your references to make sure you've got everything installed (Microsoft.Kinect, Microsoft.Speech, etc)...

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    Manuel Ramos

    is this app good for Kinect for Windows or for Kinect for Xbox?
    I purchased Kinect for windows last month.
    Thank you for your answer and regards,

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    @Manuel Ramos:It doesn't say, but since Kinect for Widnows device is the better of the two for this kind of thing and anything the XBOX version of the device can do, so can the Windows version (and more), you should be just fine with the Windows version.

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    I have a project with kinect.
    I have created a program that allows to control powerpoint with just movement of the head (left and right). I can not created this event in my program? If somebody can help me, I would be very grateful. thank you

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