New "Kinect Interaction with WPF" Pluralsight course


As you know (I know, I know, I've said this before) I usual don't highlight commercial projects, but you can get a free 14 day trial and when something like this is done by a Friend of the Gallery, well. And this makes this week a kind of Kinect with WPF series too.

Today, we're highlighting with work of András Velvárt and his new Kinect Pluralsight course...

My first Pluralsight Course: Kinect Interaction with WPF (and beyond)

I am extremely happy to present my first ever online course for Pluralsight: Kinect Interaction with WPF. This course covers the following material:

  • Basic usage of the included controls, such as:
    • KinectSensorChooser
    • SensorChooserUI
    • KinectRegion
    • UserViewer
    • KinectTileButton
    • KinectCircleButton
    • ScrollViewer
  • How the selection of the Primary hand and Primary User happens
  • Customizing the above controls
  • Changing the shape of the Hand Cursor
  • Low level access to the InteractionStream, with or without WPF
  • Detecting the press and grip gestures

So, if you liked my Kinect Interaction blog series, this is the next step! Don’t miss two hours of info-packed training! And if you’re not a Pluralsight Subscriber, you can sign up for a free 14 day trial – you have nothing to lose :)

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