No confusion about the Kinect Fusion


Today's post by Bruno Capuano (aka El Bruno) shows how you can get started with one of the coolest features of the Kinect, Kinect Fusion

[#KINECTSDK] Starting with Kinect #Fusion

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I have been seaching in google / bing for “Kinect Fusion” and after 10 minutes, I think that I better try to explain this by myself. So let’s start with the beggining, Which not is KINECT FUSION .

  • Kinect Fusion is not an application for Kinect
  • Kinect fusion is not a software for 3D modeling

And IMHO, my definition of KINECT FUSION

Kinect Fusion is a set of libraries included with the Kinect SDK that allow us to use the camera and the depth sensor in the Kinect Sensor, and give us information of this two sensors. The processing of these sensors from different points of view, allows you to create 3D models.

Ready! It’s as simple as this! On the official website of Kinect Fusion is possible to find more information or watching the following scheme that will give you a better idea:


Now, the interesting thing is that this is part of the SDK and in it we have enough code to add this functionality in our applications. Later if I have time I will do a Step by Step to explain how to create an app from scratch, by now the important is to know the basic operation.

Once you add to your solution “Microsoft.Kinect.Toolkit.Fusion”, the first class with which you should familiarize yourself is “Reconstruction.cs”.



Once we have this “view” (could think it as if it were a “frame”), we can now continue by turning the Kinect sensor to find the next and finally put together a 3D model.

Note:Here comes into play another important class that is FusionPointCloudImageFrame, although I do not encourage you to explain it if I don’t have a clear use context

And I think that with that already have enough to explain the 3 basic things that you have to look for now to create apps that use Kinect Fusion!

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