"No one likes to wait"


Today's inspirational project is one that I cannot confirm actually uses the Kinect for Windows, but it uses like technology and is simply just too cool to not highlight. Hopefully is out-side-the-box project will inspire all of you...

Dancing Traffic Lights make waiting entertaining

The streets of UK and Portugal were full of fun, entertainment and surprise. The smart company has invented one system with a help of which people will build patience inside of their consciousness. The specialists have worked out the dancing traffic lights. How it works? In order to make pedestrians wait during the red light, the passersby were being invited to the nearest booth where they choose their fav music to which they willingly dance and when it is the time of “red man” to come on, the music would begin and the individual would show off his /her moves. The dancer’s video feed was transmitted to the pedestrian light in real time giving astonishingly result, the hilariously entertaining dancing red figure that kept the audience entertained until it was safe to cross. Reportedly an astounding 81% more pedestrians stopped and waited for the green light than previously!

Project Information URL: http://x-tech.am/dancing-traffic-lights-make-waiting-entertaining/

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