On today, of all days, here's some help waking up...Your monitor at least!


I debated doing a Gallery post for today since that it's the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. But then realized I could do the that post title... Wink

Today's entry is pretty simple, yet a pretty cool example too. Besides being C++, it's also something that struck a cord with many and seems to make allot of sense in concept.

To wake up the monitor screen

I do use Kinect to wake up my monitor from sleeping (power down after screensaver).
This must be done when Kinect recognizes someone's body in front of his camera view.

Open SDK's Sample Skeletal Viewer project.

Open NuiImpl.cpp file

Find the line:

if (pSkel->eSkeletonPositionTrackingState[i] != NUI_SKELETON_POSITION_NOT_TRACKED)

This is the moment when Kinect recognizes the body and construct skeletal data ready to display.

Add the following inside the above function:

if (b_monitoroff) 
b_monitoroff = false;

// force monitor power up
Of course, declare: bool b_monitoroff; in the beginning of SkeletalViewer.h

Open SkeletalViewer.cpp

Find the main window (dialog) route function and add:

switch (wParam)
else if (lParam!=-1 && !b_monitoroff)
// monitor power gone down
b_monitoroff = true;
return 0;

That's all! From now, when you monitor gone down (with or without screensaver),
then when you will step beside Kinect camera, after a while the monitor will wake up.


Project Information URL: http://www.jgui.net/kinect/index.html#snippet1

Project Download URL: http://www.jgui.net/kinect/index.html#snippet1