OpenSkan: Open Source Full Body 3D Scanner

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Today's project by Moheeb Zara is a neat hardware/software hack (in the good sense of the work)

Open Source Full Body 3D Scanner

Its no secret what I’ve been working on in my free time this year. I’m proud to say, after neglecting it for awhile, I’ve completed a functioning prototype for the OpenSkan full body scanning rig. I do say prototype, because I have a few parts to strengthen and replace, but as far as form and function, its there. I’ve got plenty of pics and a video posted after the break showing all the inner workings, a friend being scanned, and some prints.

As it stands now, I’m controlling the linear column and rotating platform manually through changeover switches, in a project box enclosure that I gutted from an old robot I made to teach students. Unfortunately I bricked my Arduino, so once that gets re-programmed I’ll have the column running with speed control for smoother scans and full automation.

So far I’ve managed to keep the costs low. Everything you see is either lasercut, 3D printed, or cut on a bandsaw. Once I work out the kinks I’ll be posting all the files. There are some pics, in the photoset below, that show some of the 3D printed assemblies, including a nifty winch I’m proud of. Keep in mind however, I modeled most of these more recent parts in 10 minutes or less.

Right now I’m using Reconstructme to acquire the scans through the kinect. I’ll be switching software as soon as I get a full license of Skanect, since its pricey for a broke University student. I also hope to get my hands on an Asus Xtion.


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