Opening the world of OpenNI and the Kinect SDK


Since the release of the Kinect, there's been a couple development "camps." Different SDK's, libraries, drivers, etc, none very compatible with the other. One of those camps was the OpenNI camp.

But times are a changing! With the recent release of OpenNI v2, you can now use it with the Kinect for Windows SDK too. So OpenNI apps will work, Kinect for Windows SDK app's will work. No more driver madness!

You'd think getting this all to work would be hard? Well Yeouf Tan makes it look pretty easy, providing instructions and a video to get you all setup...

Guideline How to Install OpenNI 2.0 + Nite 2.0 + Kinect SDK 1.6 + windows 7 32/64 bit


Kinect Installation Guide Document[ View / Download] 

Step 1
Download File Required

Kinect SDK 1.6

OpenNI 2.0  32bits / 64bits

Nite 2.0

Step 2
a. Install Kinect for Windows SDK
b. Install OpenNI 2.0 SDK  32bits / 64bits
c. Install  Nite 2.0

Step 3
Run NiViewer.exe for Testing.  It will be located at
~ (OpenNI ) C:\Program Files\OpenNI2\Samples\Bin
~ (Prime Sensor) C:\Program Files\PrimeSense\NiTE2\Samples\Bin
~(OpenNI )  C:\Program Files (x86) \OpenNI2\Samples\Bin
~ (Prime Sensor) C:\Program Files (x86) \PrimeSense\NiTE2\Samples\Bin

Note : This installation Tutorial is just for education references use...

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    what about the license, you can eguir doing free applications?

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    This is great, I can run OpenNI and Microsoft applications on my Kinect without switching drivers. BUT, will we ever develop some drivers where I can run Microsoft applications on my Primesense sensor?

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