Pakistan? Kinect? Development help? Yes!


The message I am trying to make with this post is two-fold. First, development for the Kinect for Windows has world-wide interest (I know, as if you don't know that already... We've highlighted posts here from around with world...) Secondly, that you, the Kinect for Windows developer, are not alone. There are a great deal of resources available to you, like the one we highlight today...

Here are some other recent posts from Microsoft Pakistan and the Kinect

Want to build a solution using Kinect in Pakistan but short of device? We can be of some Help!

Developers in PAKISTAN who want to build and deliver innovative natural human computing solutions across a variety of industries using ‪KINECT for WINDOWS and don’t have access to the device can now gain access to Kinect devices for testing purposes.

We now have KINECT for WINDOWS DEVICES in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad offices which you can have access to.

‪KARACHI: Contact ‎MIC Karachi @ Bahria University, Karachi Campus

‪LAHORE: Contact MIC Lahore @ Arfa Technology Park (ASTP), 5th Floor

‎ISLAMABAD: Contact Microsoft Office @ 10-A, Street 71, F8/3




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