Press and Grip gesture support added to the Kinect Magic Cursor

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Friend of the Gallery, David Renton, is back, this week with two different updates and projects.


Kinect Magic Cursor version 1.7 with Gesture support

I am releasing a new version of Kinect Magic Cursor which works much like the last version except it now uses gestures to simulate the left mouse button, instead of raising your left hand. So now your right hand controls the mouse pointer and you can PRESS with your left hand to simulate a single left mouse button click. You can also GRIP (make a fist) with your right hand to simulate holding down the left mouse button for dragging, selecting etc. To stop holding it down you simply RELEASE (stop making a fist). I went with the LEFT hand for PRESS rather than the right hand as I found pressing with the RIGHT hand tending to move the cursor and made it hard to click on small buttons.

Project Information URL:

Project Download URL: Click here to download Kinect Magic Cursor V1.7

Project Source URL: Click here to download Kinect Magic Cursor v1.7 with C# source

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The Discussion

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    IMHO the grip should be used for click, as that is 50x more useful, and more natural (one handed).  Then in the case where you want to drag, you can use your left hand to "sustain the click"

    Then a "long" grip could mean right-click.  most anything that you need to double-click can also be right-clicked and "opened"

    finally, the "push" gesture, which is somewhat awkward, could be double-click

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