Project Spark adds some Kinect spark!


Project Spark will not only let you create games without a line of code, but also let you be IN the game, with the power of the Kinect and motion capture and voice over features...

gamescom: Project Spark Unveils Personalized Voice and Motion Capture

At gamescom, Team Dakota showcased several innovative features for future “Project Spark” creators through the reveal of the “Project Spark” voice and motion capture, which uses the power of Kinect to bring you into the game like never before. Players can capture facial animations, body motion and voice and sound to create custom character animations, dialog or even cinematic cut scenes.

Express yourself with facial capture technology and record dramatic scenes, make your own attacks, and much more. In addition, you can record your own sayings or sounds using the Kinect microphone, bringing the audial customization of your living world to an all new level of fun. 

Voice and motion capture enables:

  • Facial Expression Capture – Users can record their face and have it applied to an in-game character
  • Animation Recording – Do a new attack, full body motions, gestures, etc.
  • Record audio and modulate – Speak a line, singing, etc. Modulate the sounds in a variety of ways

The result is being able to make your own animations or even cinematic cut scenes when you combine all three (face + body + voice).

Team Dakota also announced the official beta launch dates for “Project Spark” – invitations will begin rolling out to registered beta participants starting at the end of October 2013 for Windows 8 devices and January 2014 for Xbox One creators. Players can register for the beta at

Project Spark lets you build the game, add character with Kinect (eyes-on)

Here at Gamescom -- as you might expect -- you're gonna see a lot of games. Not all of them are finished, but even the beta versions come with complex worlds, and shiny new physics engines. Amongst all of these creations, jostling for our attention, was something a little different. Something we heard about back at E3 initially, and something we've been itching to see in action ever since -- Project Spark. We made sure we got to have a look at how it works, and some of the new features. So, click past the break if you want to know too.

It's likely that even the most casual of gamers has, at some point, thought how cool it might be to build their own game. So, it's no surprise that something like Project Spark is capturing people's imaginations. We got to see a real "world" being built on the fly, complete with characters, bad guys and game mechanics. Oh, and some of that reported Kinect motion and voice recording, too.


Using the new HD Kinect, Project Spark lets you record motion sequences that you can then overlay onto your chracters, whether they be gargoyles or assassins. This goes even further when you add in some facial movements or voice recordings. In practice, this worked really well. Our demonstrator went in full-bore with an ogre like stomping motion, complete with gruesome facial moves, and seconds later the onscreen beast was doing just the same. You can even record in a sequence, and watch it run back in real time, while you adjust the loop length and in / out points to get the menacing stride just right.

Within just a few short moments, we'd gone from flat island, to textured, multi-environment game space with opponents, game strategy and special powers. This, combined with Xbox One's Kinect input enhancements instantly makes this an even more compelling option.... You have to provide the spark though. Check the video below to see the Kinect recording in action.

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