Today's product (which you can sign-up for the beta) provides a peek at how the Kinect is being used for much more than fun and games (and teaching, learning, medical, and...)...


The PsychographX Research Package

Provides everything your company needs to conduct research using our advanced Affective Advertising technology, and sell it to your clients:

  • Customized solution, to meet the unique needs of your organization
  • Study design consultation
  • Questionnaire customization
  • Complimentary pre-installed PC laptop, Windows Kinect, and tripod
  • Technician training and equipment setup
  • Full use of our Body Language Reader and Affective Advertising system
  • Study data analytics report

If a client has hired your firm to provide them with a study, utilizing the PsychographX Affective Advertising system, you hire us. We will come to you, provide the equipment, help set it up, and provide your people with the training and support they need to conduct the study in the most effective way possible.

Body Language ReaderBody Language Reader

The PsychographX Body Language Reader uses the Windows Kinect sensor to read a viewer's body language while they watch TV commercials. The viewer's body language is broken down into three dimensions of expressed attitude: dominance, aggression, and extroversion. These three dimensions are always measurable in a person's posture‒making it a superior method of measuring the affect of someone watching TV (people usually have a pretty blank stare when watching TV, which frustrates attempts to use face readers).

Another advantage that our Body Language Reader has over face readers is that it is capable of predicting which commercial a viewer would most appreciate. Face readers can only confirm that a viewer likes a commercial (but you can always get this from a questionnaire). This makes the Body Language Reader the ideal biometric for the next generation of ad delivery: ad micro-targeting.

Ad Micro-Targeting

TV commercials, or online ads, can be micro-targeted to the user, based on the attitude‒expressed unconsciously in their body language, and read by the Kinect on their TV or computer.

Advertising Research

While this new method of ad delivery will take time to implement, the revolutionary technology at its core is ready to use‒today‒for advertising research. The appeal of an ad, to any one of the three dimensions of the viewer's attitude, can be measured by our system. Advertisers can test their assumptions about what attitudes they are appealing to, using a system that measures attitude objectively‒providing data that is not available through any other method.




This chart shows the high correlation (p < 0.0003; two-tailed) we found between the measurement of "dominance" in the viewers' posture and the degree to which the viewers reacted positively to a TV commercial for BMW, thought to appeal to elitism. (The y value is the Total Score of a post-ad questionnaire)

This highly significant correlation confirms our hypothesis: the measurement of postural attitude can be used to predict the perceptual/behavioral bias of the viewer, potentially enhancing the effectiveness of TV commercials, esp. if micro-targeted according to postural attitude measurements of the viewer (via their Kinect).

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