Push to Press with the Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7

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We continue with our v1.7 week theme with today's project by Vuyiswa Maseko and take a different look at the Kinect Interactions...

How to do Push to Press with Kinect SDK 1.7

Microsoft officially released the 1.7 Kinect for Windows SDK. In this article I will demonstrate or explain what interest me most. The Push-to-Press functionality.


Kinect 1.7 sdk has been released, when I first played around with the examples like ‘Interaction Gallery’ and the fact that I don’t to adjust the jittering anymore , I knew I had to stop whatever I was doing in my Kinect project to learn “Press to Push” and implement in my current project. Before with the help of Coding4Fun toolkit we would place a hand over a button and some nice animation cycling your hand will appear telling you that you are about to select something, I had to struggle teaching my 2 years old daughter to wait for you, I was teaching her un-natural user interface, with Kinect 1.7, we have a natural user interface gesture, because you push to press a button. I must say a struggled a bit to isolate this functionality. I hope it will help someone.



In this article I wanted to show you on how to create a basic navigation system in wpf that uses hand gestures to select menu items. This is an updated version from the one I created from Coding4Fun toolkit. This one uses the press to push. So this means to select a menu, you need to push the button to press it. 

Code Explanation

Few things have changed from the way we used to do things in sdk 1.6. Well you can still choose to Coding4Fun toolkit to do hand gestures that interact with your controls, but in this article I will explain how you can use the nice things found in the new sdk. The first thing that is new is the Kinect Region.

  • KinectRegion
  • KinectTileButton
  • KinectScrollViewer
  • UserViewer

Generic Class to store the KinectSensorChooser


Project Information URL: http://www.dotnetfunda.com/articles/article2214-how-to-do-push-to-press-with-kinect-sdk-17.aspx

Project Download URL: How to do Push to Press with Kinect SDK 1.7

Project Source URL: How to do Push to Press with Kinect SDK 1.7




The Discussion

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    Is it possible to present Kinect region with buttons over the video from the Kinect camera?

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    Thanks for answering so quickly, but these examples are not what I am looking for. A weapon in the Jedi and balloons in the Mage games are images shown over the camera color stream.

    I want to present real buttons, like you did in the article above, a button that a user can press in order to start an action connected with this button. I have both parts working separately, a color stream in one application, buttons in another, but when I try to combine them, the tile button is shown over the video frames, but the hand cursor isn't there and button doesn't respond to gestures.

    I am stuck with this problem for 3 days now, so your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Asim mittal

    If you're building in WPF, then you can do anything. But imagine the UI in layers. The bottom most layer is an image view that renders the rgb feed from the kinect camera. Make sure you stretch it out horizontally and vertically to fill the window.

    Our next layer should be the kinect region. The kinect region will be stretched over the window as well. Inside that region put you tiles. Put any kinect control you want. Now ensure that the background oh the kinect region is set to transparent. That should do it

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    Is there a way to make the background of the tilebutton an image or a preview of the page (or file) that it is linked to?


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    This example becomes really slow on my notebook after 1-2 minutes. This is my configuration:

    Intel Core i3 CPU M330 2.13 GHz
    4 GB RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 4570

    When I run more complex examples from Developer Toolkit Browser, I don't have any problems and there is no lag. It's weird that I can't use this simple example for more than a minute because lag becomes unbearable. Do you maybe know what could be a problem? Thank you.

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    hello sucese me the same as a Helas, any help thank you very much

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    @HelasMadMCelisR: For issues with the example, best bet would be to connect with Vuyiswa Maseko directly. Click through to the original post and you can connect with him there...

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