Raspberry Pi 2 and the Kinect, Making a Hand Held Scanner

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This project is off to a great start and something I think we should keep an eye on...

Proof of concept 3D Scanner with Kinect and Raspberry Pi2

I am working on a proof of concept standalone mobile 3D Scanner. Hopefully it will be possible to use a Raspberry Pi2 for this project. I have already posted a video on youtube. And some people asked for short instructions on how to run the Kinect on the Raspberry Pi2. And here it comes….

First i printed and modified a Kinect handle i found at Thingiverse. I remixed this handle and added a Raspberry Pi2 and a display mount to it.  You can find the files at: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:698577


You  can get the Raspberry Pi display from watterott.com, instructions for installing the display can be found on GitHub. I recommend to use the current Raspberry Pi Image which you can also find on GitHub.


Start with the clean display Image. I used the libfreenect for some experiments. It seems that libfreenect provides all the functionality which is provided by the Kinect.  Lets start!

First of all we need to install all required libs. We start with an update of the packaged list.


Project Information URL: http://www.mariolukas.de/2015/04/proof-of-concept-3d-scanner-with-kinect-and-raspberry-pi2/

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    Hamid Akhtarzand

    I hopefully that having as Channel 9 and the gates feed my operating system requirements completed the easing in my PC.

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    Joshua Schaeffer

    Interior decorator enters your house, waves a handheld 3-D camera around, captures your whole home geometry. Days later, a full furniture simulation gets sent back to your HoloLens. Sound good?

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