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Brian Benchoff of Hack-a-Day highlights a project that will gladden many a Kinect hardware hackers heart, a  non-Microsoft driver for the Kinect and Raspberry Pi. As he says, let the race begin...

The Race Is On To Build A Raspi Kinect 3D Scanner

The old gen 1 Kinect has seen a fair bit of use in the field of making 3D scans out of real world scenes. Now that Xbox 360 Kinects are winding up at yard sales and your local Goodwill, you might even have a chance to pick one up for pocket change. Until now, though, scanning objects in 3D has only been practical in a studio or workshop setting; for a mobile, portable scanner, you’d need to lug around a computer, a power supply, and it’s not really something you can fit in a back pack.

Now, finally, that may be changing. [xxorde] can now get depth data from a Kinect sensor with a Raspberry Pi. And with just about every other ARM board out there as well. It’s a kernel driver that’s small, fast

...With a Raspi or BeagleBone Black, this driver has the beginnings of a very cheap 3D scanner that would be much more useful than the current commercial or DIY desktop scanners.

Project Information URL: http://hackaday.com/2014/06/03/the-race-is-on-to-build-a-raspi-kinect-3d-scanner/

Project Download URL: https://github.com/xxorde/librekinect

Project Source URL: https://github.com/xxorde/librekinect

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