Reaching out and touching Math with Kinect Math


Continuing in our Education Theme Week, today's project shows that Math doesn't have to be hard... That it can actually be very fun! With the help of the Kinect of course... Smiley

Classrooms of Tomorrow, Today: Kinect Math App Available for Download

I’m confident that I know how I’m teaching functions in my math classroom from now on!

“Kinect Math” is more than just evidence revealing the classrooms of tomorrow. It’s proof that this classroom is here, today.

Created by University of Washington Bothell students and professors, this development reveals the power of custom-developed Kinect applications for mainstream classrooms. Robin Angotti demonstrated this development at Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Global Forum in Washington D.C. I visited with her briefly about it at the event, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in action (video below).

Jack Chang made this available for download in KinectEDucation’s Kinect Apps for Education directory

Jack Chang and Jeb Palveas were the UWB students who developed this project. Robin Angotti developed the original idea and Kevlin Sung served as the team’s mentor throughout development. More information about the entire team and their development is available here.

This is an excellent representation of how coupling this technology with passionate educators will facilitate a “Connected Education.” ...

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