Reflexion Health's Kinect PT Project Clears FDA


We've been following the team at Reflexion Health for a few years now, as they take the Kinect in the clinic and use it to help ease and speed physical therapy.

Last week a major milestone was reached!

FDA clears Microsoft Kinect-enabled physical therapy program from Reflexion Health

San Diego, California-based Reflexion Health has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its digital physical therapy tool, called Vera, which uses Microsoft Kinect motion-tracking to help patients with musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

“We are thrilled to be one of a growing number of digital medicine companies to receive FDA clearance to use innovative tools and methods, such as Vera, to deliver care in a more engaging and efficient way,” Reflexion Health CEO Spencer Hutchins said in a statement. “We look forward to continuing to demonstrate Vera’s positive impact on patients, doctors, and therapists.”

Canada-based Jintronix, a Reflexion competitor that also offers a Microsoft Kinect-based physical therapy program, received FDA clearance earlier this year

Physical therapists can use Reflexion’s Vera to customize treatment plans and create their own exercises and educational materials for patients. From there, a patient can use the system to do exercises — an avatar in the program coaches and motivates patients to perform exercises. The program tracks their adherence to their treatment plan. The data Vera collects is sent to physical therapists who review their patient’s progress and, if they choose, alter the program. Vera also provides patients with access to instructional videos and education materials.

The product is based on research conducted at West Health, which Reflexion spun out of in 2012.


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