Researching with HoloLens (and be awarded Dev Kits and Cash)

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You're a researcher. You've seen HoloLens. You've got this great idea how you can use the HoloLens to change the world. You just need a little help... Say maybe Two HoloLens Dev kits and $100,000...

Academic Research Request for Proposals

Microsoft believes that mixed reality can be used to create new experiences that will contribute to advances in productivity, collaboration, and innovation. We engage with researchers across many disciplines to push boundaries in the state of the art at the intersection of software and hardware.

Microsoft HoloLens goes beyond augmented reality and virtual reality by enabling you to interact with three-dimensional holograms blended with your real world. Microsoft HoloLens is more than a simple heads-up display, and its transparency means you never lose sight of the world around you. High-definition holograms integrated with your real world will unlock all-new ways to create, communicate, work, and play.

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The primary goal of this request for proposals (RFP) is to better understand the role and possible applications for holographic computing in society. Additional goals are to stimulate and advance academic research in mixed reality and encourage applications of holograms for novel purposes.

Proposals are invited from, but not limited to, the following areas of interest:

  • Data visualization
    • Example: Using mixed reality to make large data sets easier to navigate and understand
  • Evolution of pedagogy in STEM, medical, and design education
    • Example: Using existing 3D assets or new 3D assets for high-value training (e.g., interactive 3D models for medical training)
  • Future of communication and distributed collaboration
    • Examples: Remote training and support, first-responder emergency management, and virtual conferences
  • Interactive art and experimental media
    • Examples: Narrative storytelling, new forms of artistic expression, interactive journalism
  • Psychology-related topics
    • Examples: Human perception and human-computer interaction
  • Solving difficult problems and contributing new insights that are specific to the applicant’s field

Monetary and hardware awards

  • Microsoft anticipates making approximately five (5) awards consisting of US$100,000 and two Microsoft HoloLens development kits each. All awards are in the form of unrestricted gifts, which are delivered directly to the universities for the purpose of funding the winning proposals.
  • The awards are intended to be used for seed-funding larger initiatives, proofs of concept, or demonstrations of feasibility. It is important to understand that funding is not expected to continue after the first year and that PIs who are granted the Microsoft HoloLens Research Awards should therefore make every effort to use the award as one component of a diverse funding base in a larger or longer-running project. Proposals with a clear plan to secure co-funding are encouraged.


Submission process

Proposals must be written in English and submitted through the online application tool ( no later than 11:30 P.M. (Pacific Daylight Time) on September 5, 2015.


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