Revisiting Candescent NUI

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This project, StartMenu / Candescent NUI, was one of the earlier ones we highlighted and given its recent advances and support for the Kinect for Windows SDK v1, it's time to revisit it.

In a nut shell this project show how Hand and Finger detection can be done with the Kinect...

Candescent NUI

Hand and finger tracking with Kinect depth data

Developed with OpenNI and Microsoft Kinect SDK, Language: c#

Please note: If you are using Candescent NUI together with Microsoft Kinect SDK the license text in the file EULA.RTF that is checked in under Lib\KinectSDK has to be accepted as well.

If you have questions, please read the new FAQ page first.

For more information visit the project blog:

Here are some sample videos that show what is possible with Candescent NUI

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The Discussion

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    Omg that is so %$&% awesome.. kee up the good work Angel

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    Is it possible to use both sdk and openni so you can combine hand gestures and skeleton both in one project? I started learning with sdk atm and then i noticed that hand gestures are not included in sdk. Can these 2 be combined?
    Thank you in advance

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