SQL Kinection


Today's inspirational (which by now you know is my code phrase for a no-code post Wink shows how two Microsoft SQL Server Engineering Team members had some fun and created a Kinect based SQL Server NUI.

SQL Kinection: You’re the database – Control SQL Server with the Kinect!

Sachin Patney and Aswath Krishnan from the SQL Server Engineering Team demonstrate SQL Kinection, an experimental project that allows you to control SQL Server 2012 with gestures using Microsoft Kinect. Watch as they create new databases and tables, conduct backups, drop databases, create Availability Groups, and perform manual fail overs – all by using gestures!

This experimental project was on display at the PASS Summit 2011 for attendees to try out. We quickly shot this video to give those of you who didn’t attend PASS Summit 2011 to see this project in action. Enjoy!

Project Information URL: http://kinecthacks.net/sql_kinection