Samples, source and feedback. The Kinect for Windows Samples are now on CodePlex


The Kinect for Windows team, have both started up a new blog, Kinect for Windows Developer Blog and also released all the Kinect for Windows Samples on CodePlex. Now you can easily browse, download and connect with the dev team!

Kinect for Windows Samples

The Kinect for Windows (K4W) team release samples to show how to build applications and experiences using K4W.  Our “Basics” samples are designed to quickly show a particular feature.  Other samples are more robust and can serve as a template for building an app.  You will still want to download and install our SDK and Toolkit for the full developer experience but the code here is easy to browse and you can submit feedback about the samples right here on the site.


List of Samples

This is the list of all samples included in the latest Developer Toolkit release. The table lists the name of the sample, in which languages it’s available and what technologies and additional SDKs are used.  You can browse each sample’s source code by using the “Source Code” tab above.


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