Saturn Kinect - Motion Manager and more


Today's project by Keyvan Saturn is still in an Alpha state, but even so it looks very promising...

Saturn Kinect

Library contains classes for managing Kinect skeleton frames and detect the joint movements and detect motions by comparing skeleton motions that it can used in kinect-based games for detecting motions like Punch,Kicking,Running and etc.

- Use custom Minimum Similarity Percent and Maximum Errors.
- Set delay for Skeleton Capture.
- Classes for detecting motions and comparing it with other motions.
- Classes for moving mouse cursor with hand movements.

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Implementing Motion Manager:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Microsoft.Kinect;
using SaturnKinect.Base;
using SaturnKinect.Interaction.Base;
using SaturnKinect.Interaction.Motion;
class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        List<SkeletonMotion> SavedMotions=new List<SkeletonMotion>(); // The Saved Motions
        KinectSensor kinectSensor = KinectSensor.KinectSensors[0];
        KinectManager kinectManager = new KinectManager();
        SkeletonChangeManager skeletonChangeManager = new SkeletonChangeManager(
            , 0.2f /* Detect 20 Cm joint changes */
        MotionManager motionManager = new MotionManager(
            60 /* Minimum motion similarity as percent */,
            0.1f /* Maximum Joint Change Similarity Error */,
            60 /* Minimum skeleton change similarity as percent */,
            3 /* Skeleton Change Buffer */
            new MotionManager.MotionDetectedEventHandler(motionManager_MotionDetected);
    static void motionManager_MotionDetected(SkeletonMotion motion)
        Console.WriteLine("Motion {0} Detected !", motion.Name);