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I love seeing these kinds of projects shared. Skeleton's are a common need and in most cases are not the primary purpose of the app, just something to provide feedback. So why should everyone have to re-invent this wheel? Well we don't with this user control...

Implementation of SkeletonPainter3D

With the SkeletonPainter3D UserControl you can show the three-dimensional representation of the tracked Skeletons in your Kinect application. This code sample shows you how to use it.

Recently I've built a UserControl that can be use to show the Skeletons, tracked by the Kinect camera in a three-dimensional, interactive viewport. Additional 3D objects can be added to the drawing as well.

Building the Sample

Visual Studio 2012 is required.

The SkeletonPainter3D UserControls is available via a NuGet package. (What is NuGet?) You'll probably need the NuGet Package Mangaer Visual Studio extension!


The purpose of the control is to be useful in debugging, and development scenarios, where a better understanding of what's going on in the virtual 3D environment is required. The Helix 3D Toolkit is used for the underlying 3D control. It's performance is okay, but not enough for advanced simulations! An experimental 3d Anaglyph mode is available.

To implement the control, you can construct it in XAML:


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