Slide into PointPoint with a Kinect and a PowerPoint add-in


Today's Kinect Project is one of the favorite kinds, controlling PowerPoint with gestures, via the Kinect. This one is different in that it's based on a PowerPoint add-in, so has a better connection (no pun intended) to the presentation (i.e. no need for SendKey tricks)

Creating a PowerPoint add-in that uses Kinect to move through slides

If you are interested in developing Kinect applications, you can start with the latest version of Kinect SDK, available here:

After installing the SDK, you might want to install the Developer Toolkit also, in order to study the source code for different functionalities. The Toolkit is available here:

You have plenty of sample projects for the various things that you can program for Kinect, from gesture recognition to face or voice recognition.

Once you installed those two things, you can start developing something interesting. For example, in the sample projects you have an application that demonstrates how to use swipe gestures to browse through a photo archive. In this tutorial, we will use the same functionality to create a more useful application: an add-in that allows a presenter to swipe through the slides of his PowerPoint presentation.

In order to do that, we will use a few elements:

  1. The Kinect drivers and SDK. Be aware that the Kinect drivers are not available separately, but only inside the SDK, and if you will want to install your final application on another machine, you will need
    to install the SDK on that machine also
  2. The Kinect sensor
  3. An add-in containing code for gesture recognition and for PowerPoint slide change
  4. Visual Studio 2010

First, create a PowerPoint 2010 Add-in in VS 2010, by choosing the standard project template.

In the Kinect Developer Toolkit, you will find a sample application named “Slideshow Gestures – WPF”. Install the project and open it with VS 2010.
Look at the references and you will see that it uses a .dll named Microsoft.Samples.Kinect.SwipeGestureRecognizer.dll.
Copy this dll to your Add-in project and add it to references, as it will be in charge of the swipe gesture recognition.

Add these two using directives to the main page of your project:


Start the PowerPoint slideshow.

Stand in front of the Kinect sensor at a distance between 1.5 meters and 4 meters

To move to the next slide, do a swiping movement with your right hand, from right to left. The hand should be at chest-level and the movement should be continuous

To move to the previous slide, do a swiping movement with your left hand, from left to right

That would be all. You can use this sample in your team presentations, to leverage the Kinect technology and demonstrate that it can have a multitude of uses, outside the gaming world.

You can download the sample from here:

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