Smile for the camera! (Kinect, Robotics Developer Studio 4 and EDDIE make for an automatous party photographer, a Roborazzi!)

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Today's inspirational project shows off a couple of my favorite things, the Kinect (of course) and robots. This is a fun example of how the two can be brought together to build projects you might not of ever imaging possible in today's world.

Smile for the camera!

Technology has made it possible to capture images of every party, birthday, summer BBQ and family gathering in rich detail while sharing them with friends around the world. So what does all of this have to do with Robotics? Greg Shirakyan, a developer on the Microsoft Robotics team, used Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 (RDS4) and the first implementation of the RDS4 Reference Platform specifications from Parallax (EDDIE) to make it even easier to capture these memories.

Party Photographer aka Roborazzi

Greg’s party photographer is designed to wander autonomously, engaging people by detecting them using Microsoft Kinect’s skeletal tracking capabilities and once they’re in frame EDDIE snaps a pic. Once the image has been captured you can have the picture uploaded to Flickr. Roborazzi alleviates the need for individuals to capture the special memories at an event and allows them to focus their time on creating them. Watch the video below to see Roborazzi in action and a technical debrief of the project from Greg.

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